How to avoid blocked drains

If you have ever had to deal with a blocked drain one of your greatest wishes is to never have to deal with it again. Whether there was a bad smell, flooding or just discomfort, the experience was not pleasant. It is not hard to have your drains in good working condition. What you must do is give the drain your attention before it asks for it and you won't be making too many emergency calls to the plumber. [Read More]

Has Your Residence Developed An Undetected Leak?

One of the biggest risks to residential plumbing is leaks. As such, when homeowners realise one of their pipes has sprung a leak, they tend to seek plumbing repairs as soon as they can. However, it is also not uncommon to find that a large number of homeowners may not be aware that they have a leak in the first place. Not knowing can be extremely hazardous since by the time that you find out, extensive water damage will have happened to your home. [Read More]

Three Ways To Unblock Your Shower Drain That Won't Break The Bank

Sometimes, home ownership comes with unexpected surprises, and when things go wrong, there is always an inclination to panic about the cost of repairs. As a first-time homeowner, a blocked drain is particularly worrisome. Blocked drains give instant reminders they need fixing when you are standing in the shower surrounded by rising water. However, never fear, there are some inexpensive ways to unblock your drain out there. Consider these three options when your shower drain refuses to do its job. [Read More]

Grease: Get It Out of Your Drain

One of the main causes of a blocked drain is grease; it slowly builds up in your pipes until a bad smell becomes discernible. Soon you find that water drains slowly from your sink and ultimately it stops draining. What causes grease? Grease takes years to build up. It is a semi solid conglomeration composed of oil and fat deposits as well as semi solid food particles. Some of its bulk also comes from soaps and detergents. [Read More]